Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


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January 22 2017

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ann marie
January 22 2017

Looks like someone is checking the comments so happy. Almost baby goat time should be lots of fun and work. Thank you for a great site to watch!!

January 18 2017

It’s too bad that someone on the Beekman team isn’t reading this. The owner of this site would be able to block the URLs of these trolls and thus any subsequent robotic trolling. In the meantime, my suggestion is to ignore them rather than giving them the attention they want.

ann marie
January 17 2017

Robby, are these Beekman jerseys? if they are NOT get your own site this is a GOAT CAM!!! Are you giving money to the site? I would hope other viewers would comment.

ann marie
January 14 2017

This sit is for Beekman 1802 Goat Cam!! Not for selling jerseys. Yes, they have a great server that is why we watch the goats. This is not a site for you to sell your stuff on PLEASE STOP!!!!

Monzetta Ross
January 13 2017

I have some Beekman 1802 Fresh Air goat milk body lotion, I’m getting low and would like to order more, please answer me re/this lotion. Thank you so much….Monzetta Ross

Jane Schott
January 13 2017

Thanks for moving the spot where you put the fresh hay(?). Now I can see them all the goats and they are not tucked back on the far wall. Another month to go!

January 10 2017

OMG just love your goat cam!!!
Thank you for having this for us to enjoy.
Warms our hearts every time we watch <3
Thank you!

C. McCurdy
January 07 2017

Really enjoying live goat cam. Didn’t even know about Beekman’s until I saw you on Evine late last year (Dec. 2016). Perusing your product line and plan to try some in the future. Also, photos of baby goats in holiday sweaters are adorable!

January 07 2017

I purchased farmer John’s scarf. Love ❤️ itt. Thanks for the warm scarf!!!

January 01 2017

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Mrs. M
December 26 2016

I love watching the goat cam but is the sound on or off for them .

December 19 2016

Sometimes I swear that I can still see Polka Spot…..sigh…….

December 18 2016

can someone check on that goat that’s stuck behind the food fence? I hope it is not hurt.

Gladys McMilleom
December 17 2016

I love you guys, and especially love Farmer John. The goats are precious. I was wondering about
I do hope she is ok.

I did try so many times to get through when you had your marathon. I kept getting hung up.

I know you were very busy. I tried to enjoy the marathon, but it kept freezing up and when it did run, the sound would drop.
I bought a lot of your products from Evine.
And now, I would like to place an order for the walnut pen.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017.
917 608-1487

December 16 2016

Thought I would mention for all th new posters that Josh and Brent don’t really check this page very much, as they noted at he top of the page.If you have a question or message for them they do check their Facebook page daily and ready everything that is posted there. The lack of sound is on purpose to allow John and anyone else working in the barn a little bit of privacy so that they don’t have strangers (yep, that is most of us), evesdropping on their conversations. I know I wouldn’t like that, either.

December 16 2016

I just love your goats and your farm. I have watched you since the very first show. I had goats growing up. We lived in Putnam County NY and also raised sheep. I had Nubian goats.One of my goats was named Henry, short for Henrietta….well you see he/she was a hermaphrodite which is not uncommon in goats. What a character Henry was. He loved putting his bucket over his head after eating oats and prance around the pasture…I am sure the sheep thought he was absolutely silly!!!

Judy Partlow Gomez
December 16 2016

I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA now but when I was a child I grew up near your farm on a Dairy Farm in Sharon Springs I remember your Farm very well and it does my heart good to see how nice you all made it. Of course I check on the goats all the time, its like a pick me up and show it off the goats to everyone who visits. You make me PROUD to say I’m from Sharon Springs! And everyone knows the Beekmans!

Helene Langezaal
December 10 2016

I love the goat cam. I peak at it regularly while writing Christmas cards just to reset my mind.
During the elections your goats were life savers. Totally relaxing non political stress release.

Charlene G. Bryant
December 10 2016

Hello again – not sure why mine posted twice, sorry.

Have a wonderful New Year too!!

p.s. a request for another product please: Goat Milk dog shampoo and conditioner please?

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