Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


November 30 2015

Right on, Nancy Lee !

Nancy Lee
November 29 2015

I see that something (probably one of those kamikaze pigeons) has already knocked the camera out of position again. Well, it was nice while it lasted – being able to watch the goats feeding and seeing the gate open and close as they proceed to and from the milking stations. Whenever someone figures out how to maintain the camera position, please do so because the ceiling and walls just are not as interesting as the goats – and PolkaSpot, of course.

Ann Marie
November 26 2015

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone enjoy the day and food!!

Jeanne Baker
November 24 2015


Jeanne Baker
November 24 2015

Thanks to whomever fixed the camera angle. It’s great to see the goats eating once again. Great job!

November 23 2015

We have a black and white cat in the barn Watch out mice!!

Nancy Lee
November 23 2015

HOORAY ! The camera is back to its original position and we get to watch the goats eating again and at an angle where our necks won’t get out of kilter. THANK YOU to whomever fixed it for us goat addicts. Now if you could only get rid of those awful pigeons. (smile)

Martha Chasteen
November 22 2015

I didn’t get to see the video because of computer problems and will have to see what is wrong and get it fixed. I was wondering if you have goats for sale that are small and don’t grow up to be big. I saw the 2 you just had on GMA last week and loved them they were chocolate in color/

Jane Rae
November 22 2015

Love watching the goats. Enjoy the llama too.

Nancy Lee
November 21 2015

It must be getting cold on the farm. I don’t see their breath, but this morning I saw a bunch of goats huddled inside the barn door where there was a patch of sun. They looked like they were enjoying the warmth. Looking forward to the upcoming birthing and the baby goats.

lorna Grant
November 20 2015

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November 18 2015

I just started watching for the past two-three days. Tonight there appear to be fewer goats than the other nights. Boy’s night out???? When does their area get cleaned?

November 16 2015

PolkaSpot is a such a cutie patootie!

November 15 2015

this is my first time watching the goats live they are so cute. Was watching you all on shopping channel please fix the camera thank you

November 11 2015

re: Error 2032

Gale Bracy
November 11 2015

Error # 2032 is all I ever get on the goat cam.

Nancy Lee
October 31 2015

I see all the goats running to the barn door to watch something, and then I see an image of a tractor driving back and forth and the goats are mesmerized. My guess is that Farmer John is cutting something for them to eat and they are watching him. This is so sweet that they all are so interested in him. If only we didn’t have to watch it sideways.

October 27 2015

They left the rat race for the rural life. Now they’re back in it deeper than ever………

Please, fix the camera and give us a better view. SOMEONE must be monitoring this ?

October 26 2015

Web cam is back on -Yay!!
It’s tilted like the villain scenes in old Batman episodes…

October 20 2015

I’m always fine seeing the animals naturally interact, when it’s available, as it’s simply a Goat Cam. No password, no charge. Beekman’s working farm involves many busy, ongoing aspects. What I’m watching is some sweet “lagniappe,” so I take it as it comes and just enjoy it.

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