Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


Nancy Lee
September 02 2015

Kathleen B said it beautifully. The goat cam provides a safe and comfy respite to the crazy world around us. But now we don’t have it working. Please get the goat cam back up as soon as you can. And some sound if possible. thanks.

Ann Reyher
August 30 2015

No Volume

Kathleen B.
August 28 2015

….Loving the goat cam!!!! In a world that can be intolerant, violent, and yes sometimes frightening, it is good to be reminded that beauty, gentleness and serenity also exist. This cam is a public service, helping us remain grounded. Turn off the news and tune in to the goat cam!!!

Nancy Lee
August 19 2015

PolkaSpot is the “Sheldon Cooper” of the barn. She has “her spot” where she likes to eat and lay down, and she won’t allow another creature in that space. This morning was a riot. A pigeon landed on her back while she was eating, and the look on her face was priceless. She could not believe the affrontry of that bird, and she tried to turn her head a chase the bird off of her back – but she couldn’t reach it. However, the bird got the message and took off quickly. It made me LOL. Just now a fresh load of feed was delivered and PolkaSpot slowly and methodically pushed all others away from “her spot” so she could dine without distraction. She is amazing.

Miss Patty
August 10 2015

Today was the first time I have ever seen Polka Spot laying on her side. Do lama’s always sleep like that. Or is she not feeling well? <3

August 10 2015

So where are the babies from the spring?

August 10 2015

You missed the “kids”. They are born early Spring and it was a very busy time in the barn! They turned the cam off for awhile and for now moved it inside the barn to give us a look at the “milking” herd plus PolkaSpot who this morning is up front and on cam!

August 07 2015

What happened to the, “kid cam?” All I see are adult goats.

Judy K
August 03 2015

FYI, I asked about these goats on Facebook and this is the milking herd. Goats born this spring will join this group next Spring

August 02 2015

Thank you for that answer Nancy….

August 01 2015

Now are these goats were seeing are any of them the babies we watched on the baby goat cam? Does anyone know?

July 31 2015

Sheila, unless things have changed from when I was there last the area to the left is just more room. It goes kind of to the center of the barn. They are in a large L shaped area. The milking room is actually across the way from that area. I haven’t been there in a couple years but that is what I remember the barn to look like.

July 29 2015

Does anyone know what area is to the left of our view? They all seemed to be coming from that way and then all of a sudden a large group headed back that way. Is it another door or maybe the milking room?

Nancy Lee
July 29 2015

The products that I ordered have arrived and in two days my skin is already 500% smoother and softer. I am anxious for your product line to include shampoo because I think it will be Fabulous. Thanks for this Goat Cam. It helps my insomnia to be able to watch Farmer John feeding the goats and to see the sun rise on the farm.

Miss Patty
July 23 2015

Love the goat by the window too. What a great photo it would make!

July 21 2015

My first Pokaspot sighting today.. She is very lovely… Love her spots…

July 20 2015

Saw you guys by chance last week on Evine. I’ll be ordering shortly!

Just wanted to know if there were any expecting moms in this current group. I thought I saw a couple very swollen and distended bellies. I also wanted to say that I am amused by the one goat who looks out of the window every day.

Nancy Lee
July 19 2015

This is my new obsession. I love Love LOVE Polkaspot and her herd of goats. As an advertising alum,. I have been a fan since your show and was thrilled that you won the Amazing Race. Keep up the good work. I’m anxiously waiting for my products to arrive.

July 18 2015

I am so bummed. I was hoping we would see the baby goats playing and growing. I guess I’ll be back next year to see the new kids.

July 17 2015

FYI, I asked about these goats on Facebook and this is the milking herd. Goats born this spring will join this group next Spring.

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