Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


February 08 2016

Yes Laurie, the babies are coming. Yesterday morning there was one birth and one baby was seen being carried off. Farmer John and another man were watching another momma who was I labor. Shortly after that, the camera switched to a view of an empty kid pen, then went offline. I guess the Mommas deserve some privacy at this time :) Can’t wait to see the kids!

February 08 2016

Are the baby goats coming??? It’s near the time for them.

February 08 2016

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Camera is MIA!!!!

February 08 2016

Oh NO ! The camera is MIA. Hope all is well.

February 07 2016

The babies are coming!!

February 06 2016

Looking for Polka Spot today … love that llama

February 04 2016

I just upgrade to Windows 10 but I still can’t get a video flow. Chrome does not work for me. I wish there was another way to get the stream video? In any case, I see the goats are maybe being thinned out because of due dates for kids? It is almost time for the “Kid Parade” !! Like Brett said “The Barn for Unwed Mothers” is beginning to look toward spring kids! I am watching!

February 02 2016

Okay, it’s official. I am in love with the llama! Totally obsessed! What an adorable face!

January 30 2016

Whew! Thanks, Nancy. I KNEW I was okay. I love the llama – cute as can be!

Nancy Lee
January 29 2016

Oh dear. The camera has been knocked cockeyed again. I sure wish they could find a way to keep the birds from crashing into it and making it crooked so we can get a better view of the goats and PS. Maybe as the kids are being born, the camera can get repositioned back to the way it was when I started watching – when we had a great view of the eating area and the goats waiting to be miled and Farmer John pitching the hay/feed into the pen. Fingers crossed that it gets straightened out.

Barbara Davison
January 29 2016

I hear sawing! They must be building the special pens for the babies…can’t wait!

Nancy M.
January 29 2016

Lori- you did, you did saw a llama. That’s Polka Spot the drama llama!

January 28 2016

I LOVE watching the goat cam …. and I know I haven’t been drinking (yet), but I swear I saw a llama!

January 26 2016

Thank You, Luanne! I wasn’t here to see the activities last year. I’ll be looking forward to watching!

January 25 2016

Sybbie: based on last year, they reconfigure the barn and make many pens. The babies are separated into the pens by male and female and by birth. There are many twins. If we are lucky this year, like last, we will be able to see them being cleaned up immediately after being born! They are given neckbands with their name and have an initial bottle feeding. The fun comes with the nipple bucket!

January 24 2016

Yes, we see the new babies. It is awesome. I can hardly wait.

January 22 2016

Does anyone know if the cam will be moved once the kids start to be born? Different space maybe?

January 21 2016

They wear wool coats !!! HA-HA

January 20 2016

How do the goats stay warm?

January 19 2016

Looking forward to meeting Josh and Brent in Pittsburgh on Feb.6!

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