Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


Miss Patty
July 23 2015

Love the goat by the window too. What a great photo it would make!

July 21 2015

My first Pokaspot sighting today.. She is very lovely… Love her spots…

July 20 2015

Saw you guys by chance last week on Evine. I’ll be ordering shortly!

Just wanted to know if there were any expecting moms in this current group. I thought I saw a couple very swollen and distended bellies. I also wanted to say that I am amused by the one goat who looks out of the window every day.

Nancy Lee
July 19 2015

This is my new obsession. I love Love LOVE Polkaspot and her herd of goats. As an advertising alum,. I have been a fan since your show and was thrilled that you won the Amazing Race. Keep up the good work. I’m anxiously waiting for my products to arrive.

July 18 2015

I am so bummed. I was hoping we would see the baby goats playing and growing. I guess I’ll be back next year to see the new kids.

July 17 2015

FYI, I asked about these goats on Facebook and this is the milking herd. Goats born this spring will join this group next Spring.

Gina MacDougall
July 16 2015

LOL..this is too cute!..I caught you guys on Evine and had to check out your site and products. Thanks! G

July 16 2015

Yay, so happy to see the goats back on-line and I love their new home.

July 16 2015

Welcome back! YEA!!! Im glad to see the goats again.. I missed seeing them.. Are those the babies? gee grown yup fast… Adorable love them… Thanks guys Thanks Farmer john!!

Ann Marie
July 16 2015

HI!!! Farmer John!!! wave nice

July 15 2015

cool the goat cam is back on thank you

July 14 2015

HOORAY!!! The goats are back!! Where are the babies? Are they part of the herd yet?

Miss Patty
July 13 2015

Thank you! It is great to see all the girls back! Polka Spot too!

Ann Marie
July 13 2015

I was so HAPPY this morning, with a big smile on my face cause the GOAT CAM is BACK!!! First thing I see is Polka Spot!!! she looks great!! Love the barn very nice. Great work by ALL and Thanks for coming BACK!!!!Love ya ALL

July 13 2015

Loved seeing Polka Dot just now. Is she their protector?

July 13 2015

Glad to see the girls are back! Nice to see Polka Spot holding court too! xo

July 13 2015

YAY!!! It has been too long since we’ve seen Polka Spot and the goats. Love this cam.

The Princess in Brookshire, Texas
July 12 2015

Yippeee. The goats are back. Sort of liked them in the barn better.

Judy Knoebel
July 12 2015

YAY thanks for bringing the goatcam back….Love it!!

Cathy Johnson
July 04 2015

I really miss the goats. Hopefully you will have them on web cam soon. Have a Happy 4th of July…

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