Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


September 23 2016

Susie, the goat cam is on all the time. It is not turned off when the goats are milked. The goats are milked in a separate area. If the goat cam were placed in the milking area, you would not see anything most of the day except during the two fairly short periods when are they are being milked. They are hooked up to a machine to be milked so there is proabably not as much to see as you might think. I think it only takes about an hour or two to milk them, probably less then 2 hrs. so there would be nothing to see 20 hours a day.

September 08 2016

Wish you would have the goat cam on when goats are milked.

Jim & Geri Moorhouse
September 02 2016

We need more of your wonderful products at Target. Loved the farm and the goats when we came up.

September 01 2016

I love this goat cam! New to your products and have loved everything I have purchased thus far! Looking forward to seeing you both on the 4th!

Michele C
August 31 2016

Just saying if you ever need someone to work for Beekman 1802 i’m the Lady. :)

August 25 2016

Debra, are you aware that Josh has already written 3 books about his life and the last one, The Bucolic Plague, is about their life on the farm the first year after they bought it? It is worth reading.

August 21 2016

Hello. The cable or pipe is hanging low again. I hope it does not fall and injure the goats.

August 20 2016

I love Josh and Brent. They are so kind and gentle. Such loving folks!! They, as well as the sweet goats melt my heart. Love their products. Hoping to make it to their farm and their mercantile in town sometime in the near future. I am in Niagara On The Lake, so not too far across the border. Love Josh and Brent and hoping that someday they write a book all about their lives…..and of course their journey with the farm. Lovely story that would be.

August 19 2016

Something appears to be obstructing the view. I hope it does not fall onto the goats.

August 12 2016

Mary Matys, I was referring to Mary DeNardo asking if there was volume on the goat cam. They do have sound, they just don’t use it any more, although they used to. Sorry for the confusion.

August 11 2016

The goat cam is soooo relaxing. I love to see how they interact and nuzzle each other. BRING ON THE BABIES!!
Thanks for sharing.

Mary Matys
August 05 2016

To Sue if you’re checking. Thanks for your comments. I do now send emails to a monitored email account if necessary. By my comment, time to update the technology I never meant to suggest that they upgrade to include sound. Farmer John is certainly entitled to his privacy. It’s just that I spent my life in telecommunications and I know that video cameras come in models that automatically reboot when they lose the signal. And the problem of the terrestrial data line being down, as happens in rural areas, can be solved by satellite communications. It’s expensive and I certainly would understand if the guys want to spend there money on other areas. I was only stating that there is a solution. However, like ALL TECHNOLOGY even satellite is not fail safe but more reliable than the old rural network. I just love watching the goats and will be happy to watch them on whatever technology they choose. Have a good night everyone.

July 31 2016

Meant, “Farmer John”
Thank you to all!

July 31 2016

Who would have known watching these adorable goats could bring so much joy into our lives! The idea of goats bringing all ‘neighbors’ together, to help and care for one another is heart warming! Changing the world, one neighbor and of course, one GOAT at a time… Thank you to Josh, Brent and Farmer Joe AWESOME!

July 25 2016

Mary, if you read the paragraph from them above you will see they rarely check this page and I have never really known them to answer questions here. That is why they suggest going to their Facebook page with issues. That said, they used to have sound but turned it off. It was difficult, I know for Farmer John because he spends a lot of time working in the barn and everyone could eavesdrop on his conversations. I know I wouldn’t want strangers listening to all my work conversations or to feel like I had to watch whatever I said all the time.

Mary DeNardo
July 25 2016

Just checked out your goat cam for the very first time. I love, love, love it. They are a hoot to watch. One question, is there volume with the cam?

I am a new first time neighbor and plan on being a neighbor for a very long time. Love your products. Keep up the good work and much continued success in the future.

Linda V. Wilson
July 23 2016

I love watching the goats!!!
Watched Evine today when one of the goats was fascinated with Heather’s
I love everything I have purchased from Beekman 1802.
I ordered the Bounty Box collection and have received two so far. They will be spectacular Christmas gifts.
Everytime you boys are on, I watch.
Have a good rest and can’t wait til you are back again. God Bless You!!

July 20 2016

Where are the goats!? Today is the first time that I’ve checked and no goats! They must be out enjoying the summer. First time I’ve seen people instead! At one point I thought the camera had frozen, but then a bird flew across and I realized that just – nothing happening. So I agree with luanne and maureen, nothing wrong with the camera, just quiet! Thanks for providing this view, it’s a lot of fun and a nice way to feel ‘in touch’. Miss Polkie, though….

July 19 2016

Agree with Luanne. You have to watch closely sometimes to see them move but the goats are on live cam. I see the ladder is back in the stall. I wonder if there will be more screwball antics with one of the goats trying to move it. There is one goat who appears to have a slightly longer neck than the others and sometimes I do a double take thinking that its Polkie.

July 19 2016

Beg to differ-I check in several times a day and the goats are always moving around and are in different places. One afternoon the barn was totally empty. Ladder is in different positions too. The center space in the barn where Polka Spot always was is often empty, as if the goats are leaving it for her.

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