Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


Elaine Morrison
October 28 2014

PLEASE, fix the Goat Cam.

October 27 2014

Good to see the goat-cam back & functional, but I agree with Annieman – the camera angle needs to be adjusted. Too much ceiling, not enough goats – plus the lens needs to be cleaned. (Geez, I sound like Brent!)

October 27 2014

Is the camera always cockeyed?

October 26 2014

Goat cam appears to be down again – was not working on Saturday, either.

September 20 2014

Just saw the cutest thing ever – one of the white goats sneezed multiple times. Like, full-body sneezes, that made her tail flat. Hilarious. Hope it’s not hay fever! :-D

September 12 2014

cultivate a better life…………..nice I like that and I like the art too.

Nancy M
August 18 2014

So nice to hear Farmer John so calmly calling for the girls instead whoever yells and bangs on the bars to get them.

July 31 2014

OMG. We raised goats when I was little. I want some in my condo!!!!!! :) I would use the Dropcam to peek in on my mom who has Alzheimer’s and is in assisted living near me. I visit her every morning on my way to work, but this would let me see if she is ok throughout the day. (She is diabetic, just had an issue last week.). In any event, love your goats!!!

July 31 2014

is there a time,when the goats are down for the night?

July 31 2014

Where is everybody this afternoon?

July 28 2014

I think something attacked the cam !!!!! no sound tonight , and I can not figure out what the camera is focusing on !!!

Tammy R
July 28 2014

Did it just start to rain? ….and someone explain to the bird that is roosting in front of the camera that I can’t see Polka Spot!! :D

Kate Micco
July 21 2014


Mary E. Winston
July 09 2014

I work at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and we have bird cams galore. What a nice relief for me to see a live cam of something other than an albatross, eagle, osprey…you get the picture! This is wonderful!

July 02 2014

love love to hear the birds chirping,while ,I peek in on the goats,summer makes everything so happy,happy dazes

July 02 2014

love love to hear the birds chirping while I peek in on the goats,summer just makes everything so happy

June 22 2014

Good morning ,
I was wondering if the baby goats have been introduced to the rest of the herd yet, and are they finding their place outside

June 20 2014

I have to know…..what is the name of that really pushy white goat (not pregnant) who seems to push everyone out of her way?

June 18 2014

Thanks for bringing back the goat cam …..

I hope there was no damage in your area , with that storm last night !!!!

The goats seem restless tonight ,,,,,, another storm perhaps …. I sure hope not !!!

Carla Duval
June 16 2014

I recently went to the Country Living Fair and purchased you vegetable stir in and LOVE IT!!! I live in Wayne NJ is there anywhere locally I can purchase more of your products or is it just online

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