Weathertop Farm, Sharon Springs, NY

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - September 02 2015


Lisa S
August 19 2016

As an animal lover also I was wondering, do you take the kids away from the nanny? also do you have allow rams mingle with the nannies?

Thank you

April Cacciatori
November 10 2015

Your farm is lovely, and your products are the best! Thank you for coming to the Rome Farmer’s Market!

September 10 2015

Latte I think what your doing is a blessing I wish I could order your items so much of our process food is not good for our health grew up on a all place with fresh eggs up the street fresh cut meats and s grandfather who had a garden?eating tomatoes from there vines with salt nothing better.canning begged for the winter months has changed but I thank you and the rest of the farmers and the Beekman boys for having this it will be wonderful. Can not wait:)

Special K
September 09 2015

Kate was a speaker at a past Harvest Feast dinner, and shared not only her fresh garden greens but her life’s mission. A very inspiring Farmer and wonderful person! Good Luck Kate – may your garden grow! Love from Michigan

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