Summer Memories

Written by Chelsea Leeder - July 07 2016


Julie Meyerle
August 18 2016

Keeping our own critters happy on our 10 acres. We have made it a safe haven and enjoy watching the the frogs in the leap, snatch and spash event for the Olympics and yes we made that event up, but it sure is fun to watch!

Linda Haley
August 11 2016

Thank you You Two for work you have done and hope to do…and the interest you have created in ‘gentleman farming.’

We will have our dear Swedish friend visiting us the end of August for two weeks, but think she will not be around for the tour in September. That’s a pity for she would love it! The Swedes are an odd bunch…God, they adore ‘the nature’ and typically have a little ‘sutga’ on the shore of one of the 93,000 lakes in Sweden (I think they count puddles, but…). These little cabins often have no electricity, running water or gas…and are often a short drive from their beautifully appointed homes, but they love to go and spend every minute of summer there. Go figure. Our dear friend, Maggie, is no exception. I am not a lake person…much prefer the ocean shore. Still, I cannot get enough of the wonderful ‘chanterelles’ that they collect in the forests surrounding their summer cabins. They sautee them in butter and put them on toasted bread and with a little salt and pepper, you could die.

Have already written too much…Kisses, Linda Haley

July 30 2016

Sadly, they also lost orangey-white, I feel lucky to have met him, Bubby and Jolene, cant wait to meet Over!

Roger Swayze
July 29 2016

I enjoyed the post about Över and Önder, but would like a status report about a couple of other Beekman 1802 farm kitties. Do you still have Jolene? How about “Orangey-cat?” I was so sorry to read about the loss of “Bubby” but glad to know that the Beekman farm still has a barnyard cat around.

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