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"A Year in the Country" Goat Milk Soap Gift Set


As featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Town & Country & InStyle...

This collection of 12 bars of soap captures our favorite fragrances from a year spent at BEEKMAN 1802. Each soap represents one month of the year, and recreates every moment from spring grass, to summer blossoms, to fresh garden vegetables, to autumn leaves, to winters by the fire and holiday baking. Thanks for sharing our year in the country with us.



JANUARY - Come along with us on a crisp, snowy day in the pine forest.

FEBRUARY - Romance blossoms with lots of Red Hots and warming Patchouli.

MARCH - The earth returns with the cleansing of clay and the smell of new grass.

APRIL - Wildflowers are the first brave blossoms of springtime.

MAY - Green, Green, Green. Spring is fully here, with every fresh scent imaginable.

JUNE - Oranges up north? No, but the ancient Mock-Orange hedgerow is in full bloom at the farm.

JULY - A walk through the herb garden, with thyme, mint, and more tasty summer favorites.

AUGUST - A lavender bath is sometimes essential on a hot summer night after chores.

SEPTEMBER - The garden in fall: tomato leaves, rosemary, and other woody scents.

OCTOBER - Apple wood in the fireplace and walks through autumn leaves.

NOVEMBER - It's time for sitting by the kitchen hearth and enjoying the smell of baking spices.

DECEMBER - Cutting down pine boughs for garland and returning home to warm cookies


This 12 Bar gift set that includes 1 each of our famous seasonal monthly soap fragrances. Packaged in a hand crafted cedar tray and a hand-embossed, galvanized metal top just like the roof of the barn at Beekman 1802.

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