Happy Cy Berman Day!

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - November 22 2016


November 28 2016

Fireplaces sound cozy… However, there are those of us whose reality is apartment dwellings of cities where central heat is what’s available.
Not all have homes nor the “Father Knows Best” lifestyles.

Tamara Walsh
November 27 2016

I have no doubt that Holly would be proud. Why, they might even make a movie about it!

Cathie Thompson
December 21 2013

Even though I live in California my feet still get really cold when it rains. When it is cold, rainy , or foggy outside I love to bake. Not only does it warm up my house but it smells wonderful. Of course my neighbors 5 boys benefit from all the goodies. So with warm muck boots Ican ealk next door and deliver all the goodies.

December 21 2013

Have the woodstove loaded and cranking out nice warm heat from it’s fire and sipping on hot cocoa comes to mind.

December 21 2013

Cuddle with the one you love

December 12 2013

tomm, fri the 13th I will be 60 yrs old and I am always cold. My co-worker gave me hand knitted hand warmers i can wear in work leaving my fingers free to type (like i am doing now). I will use them driving and when I get home I can relax and watch tv with a mug of hot chocolate in one hand and change the channels with the remote in the other. Muck boots will complete the package because when hands and feet are warm my whole body is warm and I am one happy camper!

December 12 2013

Move to Florida!

December 11 2013

We cuddle in bed with the kids (5 month, 2years, and 4 years) and watch TV Holiday Specials on the DVR as we drink hot coco!

December 10 2013

Here I am in the desert where we get surprised occasionally with a week like we are having. Snow on Saturday, temps in the twenties. Bundle up, cuddle up, sip it up, let that fireplace roar and reminisce about the 110 degrees in the summer.

December 09 2013

Best way to stay warm and cozy….Good red wine and and a relaxing evening by the fire!

Denise Greenleaf
December 09 2013

I sit by the fireplace with two Schnoodles on my lap.

December 05 2013

Live ion Texas; drink scotch; sleep late:)

Loraine Wilmers
December 05 2013

Layers. Indoors and out. That’s the key to coziness.

December 04 2013

Maine winters can be pretty cold especially in a mid 1800’s house! I like to stay warm by the fire with a cup of hot tea.

December 02 2013

Loved it.

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