Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - March 09 2014


Pasha B
May 28 2017

I sincerely hope these critical comments won’t cause farmer John to take down the camera. These goats have brought joy and happiness to so many of us out here, and I believe we are in the majority.I enjoy just watching them without any of the other bells and whistles.If you are a person who feels like being critical, please keep it to yourself or change to another site and let them have it.

May 28 2017

I am too, Betty. Your welcome Margaret. I enjoy it also, and would like to see it continue.

May 28 2017

I’m just glad to see them no matter what!

May 28 2017

Sue: I thank you for all your enlightening info. as well as the generosity of Farmer John, Josh and Brent. These critics instead of being delighted with FREE insight into the lives of the goats, prefer to display their sense of Entitlement which is what is wrong with the World Today.

May 28 2017

There is no “staff” to train. They don’t exist. The only people at the farm are Josh, Brent and John. Hiring people to deal with something that makes them no money makes no business sense, and I can tell the chances of that happening are pretty low. The goat cam is here for people watch and that is really it. They do not come here to read posts and educate people on goats. It is simply here for your enjoyment should you want to watch. They are still a small business expecting them to hire and train people and provide ongoing education for a free goat cam is just not likely to happen, and I think really, too much to expect. I think if those are the exceptions, the goat cam will eventually just go away. I try to answer questions sometimes when I know the answer and when I can, but that is about it. If you look back, you will not find any posts from Josh, Brent or John here at all. They do not have time for this, and demanding more than what they have here will likely just make it more likely that it goes away completely. There would be no incentive at all for them to continue it.

May 28 2017

Sue I can understand how it can be frustrating when people ask questions that come across maybe as being critical or questioning how Farmer John, Brent and Josh do things , but I would think that Farmer John, Brent, and Josh would be glad that people love the goats and care about them regardless that they are farm animals. Yes they aren’t a pet but they still are an animal no matter if it is a farm animal or pet. An animal is an animal. Also, regardless what people think since we can all have our own opinions and that is okay I would think educating people on goats so they learn about goats would be a good thing. I hope that they don’t remove the goat cam but it is annoying that the goat cam doesn’t work when they share it with “their neighbors” and put it on their website for that reason. Maybe Brent and Josh should train staff on how to use the goat cam and have staff help them with that. Just an idea.

May 27 2017

After the goat cam went away for an extended period, it was finally put back up and it took less than 10 days for the criticisms, direct or implied, and questioning of the way they do things, to start again. Today are farm tours but if it is down for an extended period again, you got what you deserved. Cynthia, Goatlady and Linda, there is no person walking around moving this camera so you can see inside, outside, baby goat pens and adult goats, so you can get every vantage point you would like. This is one stationary camera and it does not move unless usually Josh, or Brent, goes down to move it and set it up again, and they are very busy. They make no money at all from this cam, it is purely done for your enjoyment and quite honestly, can be a pain in the butt for them. The adult goats have access to the outside at will even if you don’t see it. The babies will have the same when they are big enough and would be safe doing so. They or John should not have to defend themselves and their actions to you on their private property and farm BUSINESS. John owns well over 100 adult goats plus the babies that he cares for by himself except for the occasional help of a neighbor or intern when available. They are all healthy. Farm animals are often kept in pens especially when they are too small to be outside by themselves and these ARE farm animals, not pets. Please think before you post and if it could be construed as a criticism, directly or indirectly please DON’T post it. I hope it comes back but at this rate, it probably won’t indefinitely. Eventually, they will have had enough.

May 25 2017

Hello Farmer John Josh and Brent. just wondering when we will be seeing all the goats outside at the barn? Looking foreward to that. Thank you.

May 24 2017

Seems like such a small space (pen). And there are only four goats (babies?) in it but I guess that’s good for such a small area. Last time I looked (when the cam was last working, that is – late last year, I think it was) the space was much bigger and a lot more goats. Perhaps I am missing something.

May 24 2017

Why are the baby goats locked up? Baby goats are very rambunctious and bouncy. Is this just a holding pen, or something of that nature?

May 21 2017

The goats are frisky this morning!

May 17 2017

Yay! Goat cam is back! I almost gave up hope!

May 15 2017

Thank you for the cam.

jan w
May 14 2017

THANK YOU. I had been checking every day. What a nice Mother’s Day Present. God Bless your goats and keep them healthy!

May 06 2017

They are going to put it back up but have been very busy and traveling lately. Hopefully soon.

May 04 2017

Are they not showing the goats anymore? I still don’t have anything. Cam is still missing. Just checking.

May 03 2017

Hoping Baby Goat Cam makes a return. Really like the goats and Beekman products. Such a fun website, etc. Also enjoy the Evine presentations (going on now).

May 03 2017

It’s Gloria again. I am watching u right know on Evine but by the time we get to c the baby goats on the goat cam or even the Big Goats but really want to c the Baby goats before they r having their own babies!

April 30 2017

Yo, where the goats @? I need me a fix it’s been too long since I seen some good ole goats

jan w
April 27 2017

I can’t hardly wait to see some more of your goats again. They are the best looking goats I have ever seen. What do the babies eat when they are no longer on milk? It looked like some kind of grain. I love to watch all your goats. Please set the camera up again as soon as you all have time! Your not bad looking either Farmer John.

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