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Beekman 1802 Live Goat Cam

Posted by josh kilmer-purcell on


The Beekman Live Goat Cam is provided free of charge to viewers. Due to our rural location, we lose power more frequently than most homes. When we lose power, there is no internet connection. (We don't like it anymore than you do.) And when we're traveling we may not be able to restart the camera until we return, which can be several days or up to two weeks. (Farmer John has his hands more-than-full running the farm, so we don't ask him to handle tech issues also.) Please be patient and polite when the camera isn't working or has been knocked out of place. Also, while we encourage y'all to chat with each other in the comment section, if you need to alert us to something regarding the goat cam, please leave a message on our Facebook page or contact someone at beekman1802@beekman1802.com. We don't check this page often (we go out to the barn and check in on the goats in person.) Thanks, and enjoy the goats!

To make goat cam full-screen, click on the full-screen symbol on the bottom right of the camera window.

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  • Love how you respect these little creatures. Also love your soaps. Have a blessed thanksgiving and Christmas.
    Carol on

  • I just wanted to let you know your products are the best and you both make my heart sing! I am a nurse and I give your soaps to many of my elderly home bound patients. One man in particular had itching skin that drove him crazy for years nothing seemed to help. I took him a bar of your soap and there has been no more itching! He was so overjoyed. I make sure to drop of a supply every now and again. Thank you so much!

    Laurie on

  • Love you both. I used to watch your show.. I miss that… would love to get to your town someday… love watching the goats…

    MArsha on

  • I just love it when you bring the little goats on the EVINE shopping channel shows. They are so adorable – and so are you two guys !!!!! And LOVE your products.

    Lee on

  • We were wondering if somewhere on the website there is a listing of each goat and his/her name? We are rather new and couldn’t locate. If not, could you please consider doing at some point?

    Laura on

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