From Seed to Jar - The Making of Mortgage Lifter

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - October 25 2014


Ms.Pat Duffus
November 17 2016

I just want to say … love watching you guys on EVINE,. i have ordered for the FIRST time a few of you all products. i haven’t gotten it yet.but i’m so excited to have found you all and getting these products. i’m orginally from Guantanamo Bay Cuba..born IN Cuba. My mother and i jumped the fence to :Guantanamo in 1963 to Guantanamo and i just wanted to say that when i was born my mom had a hard keeping the cow’s milk down and she took me to the doctors and said give her goats milk, and my mom said that did the trick. Sooooo you goats are so sweet and they remind me that i drank goats milk while growing was the best. i have ordered thru EVINE… shampoo, conditioner, then the set of lip balm, lotion , the towels.. then also ordered the lip balms and soup sets… can’t wait to get it . Thank you so much you guys for what you do. And yes..NEIGHBOR…keep up the good work. Love seeing the goats on Cam. Love and hugs to you both. Pat :)

Mary Burr
August 06 2016

I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with your love, caring and variety of products. I finally purchased a four pack of your honey facial cloths from Evine the last time you were at their studio. These cloths are so cool and filled with wonderful ingredients, they do clean my face. I have watched the CAM a few times, and my heart was beating fast. Do I assume the goats with the beard are the males? The ones you bring for your appearances on Evine must be babies, and they are so adorable that I want to babysit for all of them!!! I watched everything online and am amazed at all you do – sheets to seeds, sauces to hand cream. God will be good to you because you do so much for others. You set a wonderful example by utilizing all those families involved in your business; creating jobs, terrific products, and most of all, NEIGHBORS. Thank you for being you.

May 13 2016

My husband and I grow a large organic garden in northern Cali.(real north Cali, above Redding). We can & freeze as much add we need and give the rest to friends & relative’s that stick love to can and too those canning for the first time. Mortgage lifters are one of our favorites…..if there is a way we can help small farmers we absolutely would. Sustainable farming is what we HAVE to do to get American back on track and just the story of the name mortgage lifters made us look into it. Great story about the farmers story in America. My husband family grew rice & had walnut orchards. I was shocked to hear about the set aside programs the government forces them into. I just wonder and wish that they would admit the failure it was and put our farmland back to work. We are seeing more brand new almond orchards drinking down the valley to Sacramento…could it be that farmers (mortgage lifters lol) will save our original farmland and help bring all of the people depressed from lack of work, poor eating habits etc back into a mortgage lifter economy??

November 10 2015

Went to a Target on the list and bought my first two jars of ML sauces. Was hoping they would have the other items on display—hopefully soon. Can’t wait to make some pasta soon to try these. I grew up on a small farm in Florida (and even grew tomatoes). The owner sold it and it is now a golf course :( We must save the small farms—because starving sucks!! Thanks for showing truly how special these products are! Continued success!!

Noreen Morrison
November 08 2015

We finally got to have some Mortgage Lifter Sauce. I chose the original recipe to start with. I actually packed it in my suitcase (in lots of bubble wrap) because I wanted my first jar to be from the Mercantile in Sharon Springs. My sisters live in nearby Roseboom and Cooperstown and I was visiting so I had to make my way to the shop on my way back to Albany. What a treat!! I love the store so much. It was my second visit. Well, the sauce was fantastic and I cannot wait to buy more at our Target here in Snellville, Georgia. I think you have a tremendous product and can’t wait to try all the other things now available to us at Target. P.S. I am devouring the Almanac page by page!!!!!

October 21 2015

Thank you for sharing the process from start to finish. Really makes you appreciate every effort by all. My family loves the sauce and it’s wonderful it’s made in the USA! BRAVO!!
I love you guys, you’re amazing.

July 17 2015


I am so impressed with the wonderful men you are. Please know that as long as you produce wonderful products in the USA I will buy them.
I ordered many items from Evine yesterday and plan to do all Christmas shopping only with you and your products.
God Bless you and your little goat children.

February 23 2015

Can I only get the sauce from your website? I love the fact that it is made by hand and fresh. Hooray for you guys. Are you going to be back on TV soon. I hope so. I love watching your working farm and the goats are adorable. Brent and Josh, you are the best. Love you all.

Patricia Swanson
February 17 2015

I first tried the MLSauce back in December when Target did the speciL carry of it. Now, since finding out that all the Target stores will carry it all the time, I just returned to get more. I loved reading the story here and the pictures are great. Thanks.

December 13 2014

Thank you for showing me how the delicious Mortgage Lifter Sauce is made to preserve the wonderful sweet taste of the tomatoes. I was fortunate enough when I was home on vacation to purchase some of the first sauce that was made. Now I am fortunate enough to be able to get it in my home state of North Carolina when I am not in The Great State of New York where I am originally from It is still so good that you want to eat it right out of the jar and savor the wonderful sweet flavor.

December 04 2014

Awesome sauce !! And low sodium as well!!

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