Josh's Christmases Past

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - November 10 2015


Bea Petri
November 30 2015

Thank you for writing this and sharing with us readers. It really touches my heart. I grew up in the 50’s and can really relate to these special items, and times. How PRICELESS that you re read the old Christmas cards from grandparents each year. I terribly miss the old days and life back then. It was SO enjoyable and special and I think of the “good old days” very often! Miss them SO much!! You were just adorable in these photos! Bless you!

January 27 2015

Love your stories and really appreciate the time you take writing them for a lot of us to read. Thank you for making us remember the fun times!!

marge fusco
December 18 2014

I loved reading. Both of your christmas stories cards
And seeing you both when you were young

Linda R.
December 17 2014

Thank you, Josh and Brent, for your wonderful stories. This time of year is still sad for me, as my dad died a few days before Christmas two years ago. Your stories reminded me, though, to think of the wonderful memories I have of him. Even though he’s gone, he’s not forgotten and lives on with me. I’m grateful for that.

December 16 2014

With a lump in my throat, all that is necessary to say is….Beautiful, oh and thank you!
Merry Christmas!

December 15 2014

What a poignant picture you paint, Josh. I too, by way of similar circumstances, had “extra” grandparents. Admittedly, many of my memories are not warm and fuzzy nor do they include delicious meals or lap cuddling. Nevertheless, there are distinct memories of the years before the grands passed. And in experiencing some “chilly” holidays, I resolved that my children would have the grandparents of MY dreams! And, it was so! Only my mother remains and my children are in their twenties, but she is the finest specimen of “grand” there is. (You met her [and me!] last summer in Sharon Springs.) Now I am anxiously waiting to employ all the skills I have acquired when my kids decide it’s time to have their own littles.
Blessings to you and Brent this Christmas. I will picture you re-reading your precious cards, sipping a cuppa something lovely and basking in your holiday memories.

Mary Elizabeth
December 15 2014

Thank you for the Christmas memories. You have made memories become real again, even if it was just for a little while and made a new memory for me. Thank you so very much Tiger #2…..

December 15 2014

Josh, this brought tears to my eyes. I lost my Pawpaw three days after Christmas and my beloved Maymo a week before Thanksgiving. They were a pivotal part of not only my holidays, but my LIFE. I miss them so! The holidays are not the same without them, but like you, I look forward to seeing them again someday. Thanks for sharing.

Darren BRim
December 15 2014

What a lovely read! Chistmas has always been special. I was lucky to have my grands well into my 30’s. Their spirit lives one esp. at this time as they loved everything about the season. I miss grandmother’s pies, their laughter and getting new pj’s, socks and underwear every year. Thanks again for your wonderful stories.

Beth Robinson
December 15 2014

Oh Josh … thanks so much for such a wonderful laugh and the lump in my throat. This time of year is always difficult for me … mostly due to my own expectations re time, money, and a beautifully pulled together house which NEVER manages to happen. EVER! Thanks for reminding us of the human aspect of the holidays in the midst of all the commercialism which is worse than ever. Blessings to you both and may your holidays be full of love and simple happiness … both such priceless gifts.

December 14 2014

I have one of those flip-up phone & address “things” don’t know what they are called I’ve had it for about 50 years. so I’m probably old enough to be Joshes grandmother!! Enjoyed reading this

Karen Wert
December 14 2014

What a wonderful tribute. I also am a sucker for nostalgia and Christmas always has plenty of that for me. Its funny what things, insignificant at the time, come back to mind as treasured memories. Thanks for sharing.

December 14 2014

I agree with all the previous comments. So many wonderful memories.

I had 1 set of Grandparents, Great grandparent and a great grandma. They were all wonderful. We would at least 2 x a month go to Grandpa & Grandma’s house and grandpa, dad,uncle Bob would play music on guitars, mandolin, accordion, banjo & violin. There would be singing of many old songs and Grandma would have some of the BEST cobblers, choc. cake with canned peaches or pies.
It was always so great to watch them play music and sing along with them.

My Great Grandma & Grandpa Henry were the ones my Sis and I would go stay with in the summer and would help with the garden that took up the lots on either side of the house and produced any veggie or berry you could want. I still to this day ready to turn 60 next year know without a doubt Grandma Henry loved me with her whole heart!!!! I would give ANYTHING to spend 1 day with her. Her love has gotten me thru many hard times!!!

My goal is to make MY grand kids know they are my pride and joy and I love them with my whole heart!!!!!

Thank you for sharing your story I love the memories it brought up.

Jenn Barker
December 14 2014

Thank you for sharing your beautiful sentiments. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family & friends!

December 14 2014

Josh, You wrote that passage so beautifully. I can totally relate. Some years I dread the holidays and my birthday because they are never the same, never as special as my grandparents Meme and Papa made them for me. And those after- school memories are just as fresh in my mind as ever. What a great tribute to all your grandparents! Happy Holidays on the farm. Hugs.

Kate Daughter
December 14 2014

Beautiful memories! I was fortunate enough to have one set of Grandparents who lived directly across the street from me. They too, had a flip top metal address book! Those old rotary phones were great, weren’t they?

May your wonderful memories of Christmases past, bring you continued joy today.

Take care Josh, and a Very Merry Christmas to you!

December 14 2014

Love. Plain and simple. Merry Christmas to you both.

Lucille Licitra
December 14 2014

How blessed u were. I unfortunately never had the honor of having any grandparents Born when my mother was 40 they had all passed already. I’ll always feel that I missed something in my life. You guys are great. I keep talking about the two that live on the end of the road where I bought a lake house in West Milford, New Jersey To cold to visit but when I do I feel like I’m talking to you guys they look and remind me of you. Michael looks just like Brent and John looks like Josh.. Happy Holidays! One question Is Josh still making the trip to the city for work or is he up there with you now?

Monica H
December 14 2014

My Grandma had that same flip-top address book…a fascinating piece of technology that was a source of endless hours of fun. Your childhood holidays in the midwest are much like mine. With thirteen grandchildren on my Mom’s side of the family, holidays were hectic and fun. Gatherings at my other grandparent’s house were much more subdued and our childhood antics were dicouraged! I was also blessed with great grandparents and great aunts who were sources of pure joy. My Aunt Rose took care of all of the babies in the family, even though disabled from the effects of polio. Thank you for stirring some memories fro me!

December 14 2014

I read this with tears in my eyes. I’m with my grandchildren right now and my one wish is for them to have these same kind of memories of me. This post has been a wonderful Christmas blessing. Thank you Josh!

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