Target partners with Beekman 1802 to Make a Huge Change in Small Farming.

Written by Annex - September 09 2015


April 30 2017

I LOVE your food products I’ve found at Target BUT I’m so very disappointed they’ve discontinued carrying them. After checking several in my CLE area I was informed by an employee that Target no longer stocks Beekman. PLEASE come back!!

Pamela Cobb
January 05 2017

Great idea, now I imagine you are having some “issues” supplying the existing Target stores with your product, and keeping up with their reordering demands.
I live in Clay, NY, and the Target stores in the Syracuse area are yet to have your inventory of products. Hope you are planning to include more stores in the Northeast with your expanding visibility and fine reputation.

December 29 2016

Happy Goat Chevre Ranch…one of the finest tasting salad dressings ever that I just happened to pick up at Target awhile ago. Just finished the last drop….please bring it back online!

Kendra S
December 06 2016

I absolutely love the Sawing Logs Granola. There’s no other brand so far that taste nearly as great. Hope Target brings it back for good.

Barbra Staiano
November 17 2016

Went to my Target in Levittown, NY
And they had nothing I hope you will
Bring your soaps and other products
From Beekman

November 13 2016

I love the products at Target and now they are gone. When will they be back?

November 07 2016

I have been purchasing your products from A Target in NJ for the past year. It is now November 2016 and everything is gone! I sincerely loved the brisket starter, pot roast starter and cherry pie filling. The quality and taste was superior to anything else on the shelf. When will I see your products back on the store shelves?

November 10 2015

This is awesome!!! I am going to Target tomorrow. My dilemma of what to buy as gifts this holiday season has been solved.

November 10 2015

half an hour after reading the email blast about it, i was at my Target (Greenland,NH) and very pleased to see the whole display of products, and the almanac which i got, along with my fave the mortgage lifter tomato sauce, now i m gonna also try the salsa verde and braising sauce. so proud of your dedication to helping small farmers make a comeback in this country. love you Josh and Brent!

November 08 2015

I jumped the gun and tried to find the products 4 weeks ago at my local Target. I am shopping tomorrow and will look again.

Tony Hennessee
November 05 2015

I know that a Target account means a lot. I am not a Target shopper or big box shopper…..yes I am one of those people. I hope your products will soon trickle down to the local Mom and Pop stores one day so I may contribute to the small farming community and it’s continuing development.

lillian tuskey
October 19 2015

Let me be the 2nd person from Ithaca N. Y. to congratulate your company for supporting the small farm community, I hope to see all the products in November at our local Target.

October 17 2015


sally nelson richmond
September 13 2015

this is so exciting!! can’t wait to see your products at my Target store in Ithaca NY. The Ithaca folks are going to love these products!!

September 12 2015

I can’t wait! This is such a boon to the small farmers!

September 10 2015

Simply Awesome.

Susanne Fairfax
September 10 2015

Please make sure to include racial diversity and women farmers. Also, consider some urban farming efforts too. Chicago has a ton of innovative urban food efforts, some year round in indoor farming.

Dell McLain
September 09 2015

Beekman & Target are a “natural” fit! Thanks Target for supporting family farms!

Paula MacDonald
September 09 2015

So excited for you Brent and Josh! Two of my favorites together, the Beekmans and Target, what a perfect union!

September 09 2015

Yes….I will shop 48 more products at Target….this is so exciting…Can’t wait….THANK YOU TARGET

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