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Goat Poop!

Posted by josh kilmer-purcell on

Poop Happens. Here's how..

“Who makes this delicious Goat Poop?”

That’s always the first question we hear whenever people try our Beekman 1802 Artisanal Goat Poop. The answer seems pretty obvious to us: our goats.

You already know that Farmer John’s goats produce award-winning cheeses and soaps. But a few of them create some pretty stellar poop too. Is it what we feed them? The lush Beekman pastures? Magical wildflowers? We’re not giving away our secret. But we’re happy to introduce you to some of our herd’s most prolific poop artisans…


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  • Was hoping to get some Goat Poop for Valentine’s Day ❤️ to give as a ?, and of course one for our home. Is it only available around the Christmas Holidays? Please consider other times of the year as well.

    Marie S. on

  • Where can I purchase more Goat Poop Chocolate? This is fabulous.

    Janet on

  • received goat poop as a gift but am unable to get more? Not available on your website? Let me know where I can buy it??

    Patricia Brown on

  • received your goat poop as a gift but am unable to

    Patricia Brown on

  • bought the goat poop candy for my husband as one of his many Cgristmas gifts. he enjoyed it so much he wanted me to order some more, however, I cannot find it anywhere, including your Mercantile. can you help me? I would really appreciate it. thanks, neighbor…

    carol Mc Clymont on

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