Goats on the Roof!

Written by Aaron Guldager - June 07 2017


August 18 2017

Now that I would love to see! Our diversity is what makes this country great!

Connie W
June 20 2017

You always make me feel better and get me to remember good times. Thank you.

June 15 2017

Your blog made me remember how much fun we had every time we went to Door County, The beautiful Cheery trees, fish boils, Fish Creek and for sure Al Johnsons. It looked like a great Sunny day on the roof!

June 14 2017

I too am a Wisconsinite from Kenosha.. Not far from oconomowoc. Only visited this restaurant once as a kid but you always remember goats on a roof! Make the trek to Wisconsin
Every year from New York with my boys but not that far to Door County..
Only to the lakes in Waupaca. This reminded me that I should travel a little further to show this to my boys.

June 13 2017

What a wonderful story and memory. Looks like you were blessed with a beautiful day to visit. What fun! Thank you for bringing smiles into my day.

June 13 2017

Thank you for sharing Josh’s story. You two always make me smile. Lots of love!!!!!

June 13 2017

After reading about Door County, I pulled it up on the map, and will make this a destination from Chicago where I often go. Thanks.

Wendy Koltz
June 13 2017

I grew up in Wisconsin too and we used to travel over to Door County in the summer and this was always one of my favorite places to visit—love the goats!

Anita Martin
June 13 2017

We just spent a week in Door County and videotaped the goats!

June 13 2017

You both looked right at home; hope your NY goats aren’t jealous..LOL. Memory trips are the best, love the smiles it brought the hardest working neighbors I know. Swedish pancakes?..I live in the South, looks like I need a road trip. Thank you for loving our planet.

Patty DeGroff
June 13 2017

We love Al Johnson’s & the Swedish pancakes with lingonberries are the best. Our family started going there many years ago. Our grown kids & grandkids love it too. The goats are the best. The great food fits right in with my Swedish roots!

Karen Moresco
June 13 2017

What a wonderful story that brought back wonderful memories of my own childhood. Those summer road trips were the best! I have never been to Door Country but it is now on my own bucket list…thank you!

Denise and Tim
June 13 2017

LOVE this we will most defiantly be taking a road trip to eat pancakes and see the goats!! We are from Ohio and

enjoy traveling……. Door County here we come :)

June 13 2017

Hey there fellas – Keep making life fun! You two are a conduit for God’s love. Wishing you many wonderful adventures and friends ahead.

Beverly Potts
June 13 2017

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Having goats on the roof is very unique, I love it. The long hair/fur on these goats is gorgeous. Beekman Boys….carry on.

Deb Jo
June 13 2017

I live in La Crosse on the west side of the state but have been to Door County several times. Love to stop and have the swedish pancakes with berries. Love the goats but I think you goats are cutier! The whole peninsula is such a relaxing place for a vacation

June 13 2017

I LOVE Al Johnson’s. I live in Texas, so I don’t get to Door County often, but Al’s is the one place we have to go every time we get there. I make swedish pancakes at home, but they’re never as good!

June 12 2017

I’ve been yo Door County and have never seen the Goats. I’m from Central Wisconsin and need to go see these goats. Thanks for sharing!

Janine McNamara
June 12 2017

What a beautiful story and what beautiful photos of the goats! Thank you.

June 12 2017

I live near Oconomowoc, a town called Fort Atkinson.
We vacation in Ephraim right down the road from Sister Bay.
Door Co. is a wonderful place! I wish everyone could experience it!!

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