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Should Josh keep the clean shave or grow back the beard?

Posted by Heather Sadlemire on

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  • That was a great segment in the marathon. I do prefer the beard,however Josh, you look good both ways. What do you prefer?
    Merry Christmas, boys!

    Elaine on

  • Beard nicely trimmed. You have a baby face without it….but, I am a neatly trimmed beard lover anyway!

    Marleen D Mahon on

  • Beard !!!!!!!!!!! A nicely trimmed beard…Very handsome!!!!
    thank you

    Joanne on

  • I will always like Josh with or without the beard but I hope he keeps it. He looks extra handsome and intelligent with the beard.

    monica on

  • I think he’s handsome w/without the beard; but I like the beard on him, as long as it’s very neat and trimmed.
    P.S. I enjoyed your Evine holiday shows-bought lots of goodies for gifting; and of course treated myself!! Love your products and way of life.

    Susan on

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