What our Moms Love

Written by josh kilmer-purcell - April 27 2017


June 13 2017

Two great Mom’s had two great son’s! You both never cease to amaze me. Love all of your products! Most of all I loved meeting the both of you. Thanks for signing my bounty box. I think you both look like you mother’s

Denise Weston AKA Hustling girl!
May 09 2017

Love seeing both you guys on tv especially fun when you include ‘the kids’ !
Already purchase my ticket for May 27th event!
And Happy Mothers Day! to your moms!

April 29 2017

Oh, how I miss your TV show. It was the highlight of my week. Hope to visit your farm one day and meet both of you! It’s on my bucket list!!!!

Karen Kohan
April 29 2017

I know both your Moms are so very proud of you (and what beautiful Moms they are!!); Happy Mother’s Day Jackie & Linda.

Kathy Deyo
April 28 2017

Josh – love the picture of your Mom. Tell her I said Hello!

Gail Kay Beekman Haines
April 28 2017

Thanks for the tips. My mom, whose married name was Beekman, would have loved the cake and the caramels. I love what you have done with the farm. I’ve never been to upstate New York, but I was born in Illinois, grew up in Kentucky and live in Washington state. We Beekmans get around.

Frankie Himmelman
April 28 2017

I use and love your products. Your Mothers are lovely. I love your website, it is done with such interest and taste.

Marilyn D
April 28 2017

Love your soaps! Now, I can’t wait to get my cheese!

Margo Ball
April 28 2017

What beautiful pictures of your Moms. Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth Miller
April 28 2017

Many thanks to your moms for these great recommendations and for you two!

April 28 2017

Much as I love it, PLEASE no one buy me a jar of tomato sauce for Mother’s Day!!! LOL

Karen Dunnington
April 27 2017

Happy Mothers’ Day to your lovely Moms, Boys!!

Linda Swaniger
April 27 2017

B is for the Beautiful sons you created, E E is for Every beautiful thing they create, K is for the Knowledge that you shared with them, M is for Many more years of loving them and their products, A is for Always being good moms and neighbors and N is for the best Neighbors in the world = BEEKMAN MOMS!! They are beautiful! I love their choices! I choose the lavender honey, too! Can’t wait to try it! :-)

Karen Cookson
April 27 2017

Your moms look just like you both! I’m sending this to my daughter to give her a good idea, since she gives me so many. Good job, moms — your sons are two of the kindest, most amazing humans I know, and I’m old and know a lot of people.

Dorothy Hayes
April 27 2017

Your beautiful moms have given us the most wonderful men. Thank you Jackie and Linda.

Carolyn Tierney
April 27 2017

Lovely mothers and handsome sons!

April 27 2017

Beautiful ladies and soooo lucky to get to sample anything they want…at least I’m guessing that’s the case. Happy mother’s day to both of you.

April 27 2017

What beautiful women and handsome men. I have grown to love many of the Beekman 1802 products and thank you for their effectiveness on my skin. I feel wonderful now.xoxo

April 27 2017

Wow, you both look like your moms! Beautiful ladies.

April 27 2017

I hope to visit your wonderful farm one day soon. My wonderful farmer friend in Converse, IN bought me my first items from your farm and I’ve been hooked since. I love love love everything

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