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Garden Dibble


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    Hand-crafted by local artisan Rusty Wissert 

    We love to spend time in the garden, but with so many chores to do, we also like to make an efficient use of our time. So we had our B. 1802 craftsman fashion us a dibble that makes it easy to plant your seeds.

    Fashioned out of sturdy white and red-oak, each dibble measures 5 x 17 inches and has 28 2.25-inch spikes that are spaced 2 inches apart. Simply press the dibble into prepared dirt to create evenly spaced holes for your seeds. Proper, even spacing means less wasted seeds. For plants that require extra space, simply skip a row when sowing the seeds. Once seeds are in place, gently rake dirt over to fill in the holes.

    Like all of our Beekman 1802 garden supplies, the dibble is ideal for raised bed gardeners and features heirloom-quality construction that will last for generations of gardeners in your family.

    The dibble fits exactly to the top of our B. 1802 Garden Hod so that both can be stored together when not in season.  Buy the two pieces together and save 15%


    Approx. dimensions: Dibble: 16.5"L x 9" W and 2.25" spikes. Hod: 16.5"L x 9"W x 6.5" H. 


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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