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Garden Hod


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    Hand-crafted by local artisan Rusty Wissert

    We love bringing our harvests straight from the garden to the kitchen. But we don't love the mud that often comes along for the ride. Luckily, we discovered this early American historic design for a "Garden Hod." With it's open mesh bottom, your harvest can easily be rinsed off under the garden hose, and drip-dried before you walk back to the kitchen.

    The Beekman 1802 Garden Hod is hand-crafted to last from white and red oak, and brass nails. Made to last for a lifetime of harvests.

    Add a Beekman 1802 Dibble to accompany your Hod. Our dibbles are designed to fit snugly on top of your Hod, and make seed planting and spacing a breeze.


    Approx. dimensions -  Hod: 16.5” Long X 9” Deep X 6.5” High.


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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