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Eternity Hand-Forged Trowels


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     Hand Forged to last forever.

    These are the last trowels you will ever buy. Srsly. They're not going to bend at the neck. They're not going to break at the handle. They're hand-forged from the highest quality American made steel & wood we could find.

    The Potting Trowel is slightly smaller, and perfectly angled to make potting and un-potting plants much easier and safer for the plants. The Large Trowel is fantastic in the yard and garden. CAUTION: the edges of the trowels are honed to be sharp enough to easily dig through the densest clay soil. These really are the best trowels you will ever find, because, well...we made them that way.



    Large Trowel: 13" in length x 3 14" wide

    Potting Trowel: 11 3/4" in length x 2 1/2" wide


    Usually ships within 3-4 days

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