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"Christmas Kids" Holiday Wreath


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    Handmade with real vintage ornaments - One-of-a-Kind

    This year we celebrate the offspring of Mr. and Mrs. Goat with an exclusive one-of-a-kind handmade wreath featuring our limited edition (only 1802 made!!) “Christmas Kids,” boy and girl baby goat ornaments. They were handblown in Poland; each one is hand-numbered on its bottom. This pair is #239 of 1802.

    Aside from the kids, everything else on this joyful multicolored wreath is vintage — from the beautiful burgundy tree topper that slashes across the middle to the little glass Santa on top and the marvelous collection of Shiny Brites, Polands, German, and Made in the USA ornaments. There’s even a darling old Christmas corsage nestled at the base of the topper that separates our little brother and sister.

    Silver beaded garland makes for a delightfully exuberant finishing touch. All the ornaments are set on a base of sparkly white tinsel.

    Your heirloom wreath comes with its own zippered storage bag to protect it. Please hang it indoors, away from the harsh elements, to ensure that these beautiful ornaments which have been passed down through generations will grace your own family for many years to come. 


    Measures approximately 16-17 inches in diameter and about 22 inches tall, including the drippy garland.


    This custom-made wreath typically ships out within 4-7 business days

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