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Alpaca Rug


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    Super-Soft Alpaca Throw Rugs in 2 Natural Colors

    These rugs have been a bestseller in our Mercantile in Sharon Springs for more than a year, and we finally have enough fiber to make them available online. Each rug is made from 100% alpaca fiber from a local farm, and woven by hand by a local weaver. The brown rugs have a striped effect made by using the fiber from various fawn colored alpacas.The gray rug has a more solid appearance created by blending natural gray, black & white fibers. 

    Care: Alpaca fiber has natural dirt-resisting properties. To clean, use warm, damp cloth and mild soap, such as dish liquid. Rinse with warm, wet cloth. Lay flat to dry. Not machine washable. Do not place in dryer.


    Size: 25.5" W  x 41"L 


    Usually ships within 1-2 days

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