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Happy Place Dryer Balls


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    Soften Clothes Naturally without Chemicals


    Brent hates finding those chemical-based dryer sheets in his underwear drawer, or pant legs, or pillow case. What's in those greasy things anyway? Our dryer balls are made from real wool and soften laundry naturally, and are a great alternative to chemical coated dryer sheets. Plus our wool is only processed one time, meaning there's more natural lanolin to keep clothes even softer than regular dryer balls.

    And they're super simple to use – simply toss from three to six balls in with each dryer load. (The more balls you add, the softer the clothes get and less drying time.) They'll last for up to 1000 uses, so you'll never have to worry about running out of softener again.

    Add on our Happy Place essential oils and you can get that fresh Sweet Grass scent on all your laundry. Simply add 2-3 drops per ball, then add to dryer as usual. Reapply oil whenever scent begins to fade. Our sweet grass scent was chosen for its light clean fragrance, and because Native Americans used the sweet grass growing along the river banks in upstate NY to bring forth positive energy into their environments.

    Get rid of all those chemical cleaners and make your home your Happy Place.



    Place three to six wool balls in dryer with laundry, allowing balls to circulate with laundry. If adding essential oils, place a few drops of oil onto the wool ball before placing in the dryer.


    Each wool ball has an 8" circumference and weighs 1.92 oz


    Ships in 1-2 business days

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