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Hand Turned Wooden Shave Brush


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    Looking to be your best BeekMAN? Starting your grooming with a shaving brush is key to achieving that perfect shave. (And if you need to shave as often as Josh, you've probably tried everything.) A shaving brush gently exfoliates and softens your face pre-shave, helping to raise your whiskers, providing exceptional lather and allowing that razor to slide right across those hairs standing on edge. This means less irritation on your face. Fashioned in the time of William Beekman, and considered the highest quality brush, Badger hair brushes remain soft and pliable over time. The hand-crafted cherry wood handle allows a solid grip.


    HOW TO WET SHAVE: Prep brush by soaking in warm water. Prep face using a warm towel or after a hot shower. Shake water off brush. Lather soap by moving brush in a circular motion over the soap. Apply lather by using the brush in a circular motion to draw facial hair outward away from it's roots.


    100% Badger Hair Knot, Cherry Wood, Finish- polyurethane, Tripoli, carnuaba wax


    Ships in 1-3 business days.


    8"l x 4"w

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