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Happy Place Diffuser


  • Details

    This ceramic diffuser works with your favorite essential oils to easily make your home just a little bit happier. With 7 color-changing LED lights that can rotate or be set to a preferred color and our own Happy Place essential oils, serenity is only a switch away.

    How to use:

    Our Happy Place diffuser features an adjustable mist control (choose between low, medium and high) and an intermittent timer that helps you control your water and essential oil usage.

    The intermittent timer can be used to set the diffuser to a continuous stream (which will auto shut off when the water reservoir runs out), a continuous 60-minute stream, or an intermittent stream that cycles between 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off for 120 minutes. The diffuser will auto shut off after each setting is complete, meaning you have one less thing to worry about.


    1. Place the diffuser on a flat and stable surface away from the edge. 
    2. Remove the diffuser’s glass cover. 
    3. Pour bottled or tap water into the water tank up to the fill line.
    4. Add a few drops of your favorite Happy Place essential oils (2-5 drops) to the water tank.
    5. Replace the glass cover on the diffuser’s base. 
    6. Plug the adapter into a standard 120VAC electrical outlet. 
    7. Enjoy making your home a Happy Place


    Ships out within 2-3 business days



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