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B. 1802 Goat Tattoo Union Suit


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    Made from American grown cotton

    The Union Suit was first created in nearby Utica, NY in 1868 as an alternative, less-restrictive undergarment for women. It got its name from its one-piece form - a union of top and bottom. 

    As often happens with great ideas, this comfortable invention was soon co-opted by upstate New York men. (Perhaps upstate New York men also have a predilection for trying on their wives' undergarments?) Throughout the years the Union Suit gained popularity across the country, and became famous for its buttoned, back "access hatch," also called the "drop seat" or "fireman's flap."

    While the original Union Suit was made of red flannel, ours is made of a lighter cotton weave, so it can be worn year-round. (It's that comfortable.) The suit isn't just great as underwear or pajamas, it can also be worn under jeans, so you can live without fear of your shirt coming untucked on a breezy winter day.

    And because we're us, we added an embroidered B.1802 goat "tattoo" on the left bicep so that everyone will know you're a Beekman through-and-through -  right down to your stylish 19th century underwear.  



    100% Cotton. Fabric Made in the USA. 

    Small: Chest Size 34"-36"

    Medium: Chest Size 38"-40" 

    Large: Chest Size 42"-44"

    X-Large: Chest Size 46"- 48"

    XXL:  Chest Size 50" - 52"


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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