Pure Beekman

We offer a variety of products with a variety of ingredients so that we can satisfy Beekman Neighbors with different tastes and budgets. We are always completely transparent with the ingredients we use...check the "ingredients" tab on any product. (But if you have any questions, please ask.)

Our "Pure Beekman" collection contains the Beekman 1802 bath, body & beauty that are our most pure - no synthetic fragrances (only essential oils) and the most natural ingredients. You cannot make more natural products than these.


Q. Why aren't any of your liquid soaps and lotions included on this list?

A. All liquid soaps and lotions (not just Beekman 1802 products) require synthetic preservatives to be legally shelf stable.

Q. Why do these have higher price points than your other products?

A. Natural ingredients cost much more than synthetic ingredients. Also, the lack of preservatives and stabilizers result in a higher variance in quality and spoilage. We only sell the highest quality of products, so the process of making these purest products results in a higher rate of discard.