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Seasonal Room Spray


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    Joanna Beekman would cut a Queen Anne's Pocket Melon in half, wrap it in a linen handkerchief, and carry it in her apron pocket. When confronted with an offensive smell (not uncommon in the early 19th Century,) she would pull out the bundle and take a whiff of its delightful fragrance until the air around her had cleared. That's what gave us the idea for Beekman 1802 Seasonal Room Sprays. These pocket-sized, carry-everywhere-you-go bottles are perfect foils for some of life's more unpleasant moments.

     Our 2 oz sprays are 100% chemical free, using only our customized blends of pure essential oils. Available in four scents that capture the essence of each season on the back porch of Beekman 1802 Farm:

    Spring - a light blend of sweet florals with a vanilla top note
    Summer - a vibrant explosion of summer blossoms and fruits
    Autumn - a soothing blend to conjure a walk in the woods
    Winter - crisp and minty just like that first breath of the clean winter air

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