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The Thorn Tree Project "Breakfast" Bracelets


  • Description

    • It is called the Breakfast Bracelet because the purchase of one bracelet buys breakfast for one student for one entire school year.

      100% of the proceeds of each bracelet goes to the Thorn Tree Project which works with the Samburu Tribe in northern Kenya in Africa. Most of these children are the first in their families to ever go to school. In 2002 there were only 130 students at school, now there are over 1,500. 

      Brent and I love this project and have been involved in it since the beginning – we even visited it 3 years ago. We have offered to do all the mailing of bracelets from our offices at Sharon Spring to help the project make as much money as possible. If you haven’t been to our site before – welcome!

      These traditional tribal Samburu bracelets are worn by all ages and all sexes. Samburu warriors are very decorative with their jewelry and most warriors wear up to 5 of them stacked on each arm. Tribal mothers bead the bracelets for The Thorn Tree Project using recycled flour sacks for thread and tires for the insides.

      Note: Bracelets come in 5 colors, and 3 sizes. Because the bracelets are entirely handmade, all vary slightly in size, bead color and pattern. The measurement is the inside diameter and you can use one of your existing bracelets and a ruler to see which will suit you best. 

      Read more about the Thorn Tree Project at www.thorntreeproject.org

    • Sizes vary slightly. Approx. 2.25" diameter (sm); Approx. 2.5" diameter (med); Approx 2.75" diameter (large).
    • Usually Ships within 1-2 business days

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