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Appalachian Trail - Gourmet Trail Mix


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    14 premium ingredients representing each of the U.S. States along the Appalachian Trail 

    It's a goal of ours to someday hike the entire Appalachian Trail. And when we finally get the chance, we're going to bring this trail mix. These 14 flavors – representing each state on the trail – combine to create one great tasting experience. The Appalachian National scenic trail spans 2,185 miles, and along its path reaches fourteen states. We have included one premium ingredient from each state along the trail. Dried Peaches (Georgia,) Toasted Corn (North Carolina,) Pecans (Tennessee,) Peanuts (Virginia,) Dried Sour Cherries (West Virginia,) Pumpkin Seeds  (Maryland,) Black Walnuts (Pennsylvania,) Sunflower Seeds (New Jersey,) Raisins (New York,) Dried Strawberries (Connecticut,) Cranberries (Massachusetts,) Gooseberries (Vermont,) Thistle Seed (New Hampshire,) and Dried Blueberries (Maine.)  Made in small batches right here in Sharon Springs.


    Ingredients: Raisins - New York, Virginia Peanuts - Virginia, Sunflower Seeds - New Jersey, Pumpkin Seeds - Maryland, Toasted Corn - North Carolina, Gooseberries - Vermont, Cranberries - Massachusetts, Peaches - Georgia, Sour Cherries - West Virginia, Blueberries - Maine, Pecans - Tennessee, Black Walnuts - Pennsylvania, Milk Thistle Seed - New Hampshire, Strawberries - Connecticut


    16 oz 


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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