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Hooked Baby Goat Sachets with Artisan Elizabeth Miller-March 3, 2018


  • Description

    Rug hooking is rooted in 19th century New England and the Canadian Maritimes, but our ancestors in craft created an art form and technique adaptable to any era.  This class is about learning the heritage craft of rug hooking in a way that remains true to a sound foundation of technique while strongly encouraging contemporary aesthetic exploration in color, materials, and design.

    Because this class is meant to be accessible to beginners, a small (4” x 4”) baby goat pattern created with "learning opportunities" in the design will be provided.  Students can choose to hook the detail of the face or lessen the complexity and hook it “silhouette” style. The pillows may also be hooked in any color/material combination the student chooses. These will be finished into lavender scented warmable/coolable buckwheat sachets. Patterns will be hand drawn on the grain and ready to hook on high quality primitive linen with serged edges.

    You will learn the basic technique of hooking and then the finishing process, including serging, steaming, and binding (in this case, stitching on the pillow back, but it’s the same stitch as rug binding).  Also covered will be a short history of rug hooking, how to select materials, and more.

    Beth will provide a variety of quality hooking wools, both "as is" types in textured fabrics (stripes, plaids, etc.) and some of her own, fun, hand-dyed wools. Additionally, sari silks, yarns, curly locks, roving,  ribbon, and a variety of other alternative materials and embellishments (buttons and beads for example) will be provided.

    A beginner hook will be included as part of the kit and Beth will have a variety of other hooks to try and purchase if desired.

    A beginner rug hooking frame and flannel frame cover will be provided that students may borrow for the duration of the class.  Frames and frame covers will also be available for purchase at the end of class. Please bring:  

    A small pair of scissors - embroidery scissors are perfect

    A small container or pocket for holding your "snips" or scraps that are trimmed while hooking

    Your creativity and imagination!

    Class Date and Time

    March 3, 2018 from 9am-5pm




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