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1802 African Bracelets


  • Description

    • Handcrafted by moms in Africa - 100% of proceeds go to schools sponsored by Josh & Brent in Sereolipi Kenya. 

      Many of you know that we've sponsored a school in the remote Sereolipi region of Kenya for over a decade. We're very proud to report that several of our very first students are now attending university in Nairobi. This small, but very effective educational program was started by our friend Jane Newman, and part of the reason the program has such amazing results is because the "school systems" are run mainly by the mothers. This is a first in the culture...in Samburu society, females don't usually hold official roles.  (Read more here .)

      These bracelets were handmade by these mothers, who are hoping to begin funding more of the school budget by their own handiwork, and depend less on sponsors. Each bracelet has a small number on it - either a "1," "8," "0," or "2" - and the moms in Kenya are all wearing versions themselves. When purchased and worn together they represent the collective neighborliness of all "Beekmans" around the world. Or purchase one at a time to continually remind yourself that you're never finished helping your neighbors.

      100% of the proceeds are given to the schools of "The Thorn Tree Project." Thank you for joining us.

      Because bracelets are entirely handmade, all vary slightly in size and bead color slightly.  
    • Sizes vary slightly. Approx. 3 1/4" in diameter
    • Usually Ships within 1-2 business days

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