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Barn Tin Door Wreath Hanger


  • Description

    • Tin from our Barn Roof! Exclusively Beekman 1802 

      A few years ago when we had to re-roof our barn, we asked Beekman 1802 Blacksmith Michael McCarthy if he would like the old tin roof material. "Sure," he said. "I'll think of something to do with it."  

      A few weeks ago he came back to us with these wonderful rustic, textured tin wreath hangers, inspired by a historic design. They have the speckled rust & weathering from decades of sunny days and rain storms that have passed over our farm. Shaped to slip right over your door, it will hold even the heaviest wreath without having to make any nail holes. And looks great even on the reverse side of the door. Each one is completely unique, and a true piece of Beekman 1802 Farm. 
    • Length 12" and 5" Wide
    • Usually ships within 1-2 days 

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