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Barrel In a Bottle - Individual Cocktail Aging Kit


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    Individually Barrel-Age Your Favorite Cocktail.

    You could put your favorite cocktail in a barrel for a great, oaky, aged taste. But then again, wouldn't it be easier to put the barrel in a bottle? Each of our Individual Cocktail Aging kits includes a corked glass bottle along with a special, perforated, charred aged-oak stave to give your favorite cocktail a rich, deep, old fashioned complexity. Simply mix up 12 oz of your favorite cocktail recipe (one that doesn’t include fruit, dairy or other ingredients that spoil...we love martinis, manhattans, or negronis.) Pour your mixed cocktail in the bottle with one oak stave. Test flavor after one week. Either enjoy then or continue testing each day until you’ve found your optimal flavor...no longer than 2 weeks. Remove the stave when satisfied with the flavor and serve. Each stave can be used for three aging sessions, rinsing in hot water between each use. (cocktail ingredients not included in kit.)


    Prepare your cocktail recipe. Place the stave in the bottle, and pour in your cocktail. Bottle holds 12 oz. Check after 1 week and every couple of days thereafter. You will notice the increasing flavor complexity. Remove the stave before the cocktail becomes over-oaked, usually after about 2 weeks. The stave can be used for up to 6 weeks (approximately 3 uses).


    6" x 4" diameter; bottle holds 12 oz.


    Ships out within 1-2 business days

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