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Beekman Trip of a Lifetime: Follow in Our Footsteps in Peru


Please call our concierge Anna Kamrow at (763) 852-8162 to order.

  • Description

    Please call our concierge Anna Kamrow at 763-852-8162 to order.

    Follow in the footsteps of Josh and Brent's previous Peru adventures during this Trip of a Lifetime. 

    Beekman 1802 “Trip of a Lifetime” adventures are inspired by our own wanderlust and our desire to do more on vacations than just see things.” We wanted our trips to offer five things: Give, Grow, Treat, Taste, Master, Meander.

    In this trip, you’ll follow a similar itinerary that we followed when we first visited Peru in 2018. We’ve created this trip to give our Neighbors an immersive cloud-level South American experience—you’ll see Peru from the floor of the Amazon jungle to the top of Machu Picchu.

    Fewer destinations in the world can make you feel so enriched by the biodiversity of our planet and the history of civilization.

    Click here to take a look at the epic journey we’ve designed for you. And then start planning on taking this adventure in May 2019.

    PLEASE NOTE: Josh and Brent are not a part of the “Follow in Our Footsteps" Trip of a Lifetime. They will not be traveling on this trip.

    Should you decide to embark, we’ve designated a personal Beekman 1802 Trip of a Lifetime concierge who can answer all of your pre-trip questions:

    Anna Kamrow
    Direct telephone: 763 852 8162
    Toll-free: 800 533 0324
    Email: akamrow@carlsonwagonlit.com
    Dates are May 13-23, 2019.

    Trip Price: $5,855 per person. (add $1,180 if you would like a single occupancy room) 

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