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Christmas Journey Holiday Wreath


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    Handmade with real vintage ornaments - One-of-a-Kind

    We hope you’ve been very, very good because Santa is on his way! He’s just leaving the North Pole’s Christmas forest, heading towards a huge sunburst in the sky, on this multicolored wreath made from all vintage ornaments. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece that’s destined to be a mainstay of your holiday decor for years to come.

    Santa is riding in a very old white cardboard sleigh that has a little subtle sparkle and is pulled by a white celluloid-like plastic reindeer, most likely made in Japan. He is gaily ringing a little bell to alert us that he is coming our way. A large bottlebrush tree stands behind him. The huge red and silver foil sunburst was made in western Germany. It is accented by two large glass teardrop ornaments and two gold twisty icicles on the right. A few other ornaments of note are: a small green glass diorama ornament with holly inside; a large magenta Silent Night stenciled Shiny Brite; a lovely off-white indent with a red center and blue glitter; a chartreuse Poland teardrop with a hand-painted snowman; and two other stenciled Shiny Brites with a town in the snow in different colorways. There are more Shiny Brites, Polands, and German ornaments of all shapes and sizes to round out this nostalgia fest.

    All of these treasures are set upon a base of sparkly gold tinsel. There are bits of vintage gold curly garland added in spots around the perimeter for extra sparkle. Accents of red beaded garland add a bit more pizzazz to finish off this whole jolly picture. 

    Your heirloom wreath comes with its own zippered storage bag to protect it. Please hang it indoors, away from the harsh elements, to ensure that these beautiful ornaments which have been passed down through generations will grace your own family for many years to come. 


    The wreath measures approximately 15-16” wide and 20” tall.


    This custom-made wreath typically ships out within 4-7 business days

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