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Deluxe Chocolate Lover's Bundle

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    Life in the country can be pretty sweet. Our Deluxe Chocolate Lover's Bundle is the perfect gift for those feeling extra generous. It contains enough chocolate to satisfy any chocoholic gift recipient you have in mind (yourself included if you were extra nice!). 


    Chocolate Covered Goat Milk Salted Caramels: There are no better caramels than goat milk caramels. We make these real goat milk caramels by hand, then dip each one in either homemade dark or milk chocolate. And then add a touch of Himalayan Pink Sea Salt.

    Heirloom Pantry Chocolate Bark: We worked with a local, family-owned, 80-year-old, candy company to create the most amazing chocolate holiday bark we've ever tasted. Our small batch, handmade, hand-cut, chocolate puts every commercially-made "holiday bark" to shame.

    Double Chocolate Butter Crunch Toffee: Beekman 1802 Double Chocolate Butter Crunch Toffee is hand crafted in small batches, with simple ingredients, and double dipped in chocolate – both dark and milk. The perfect balance of rich chocolate, crunchy nuts & buttery toffee.

    Chewy Gooey Caramels: One a day will keep the sweet tooth away! The goat milk in our caramels adds a unique creaminess to these chewy gooey treats. They’re so good that one of the most famous historic hotels in America, The Lenox in Boston, places one of our caramels on each pillow at night when they turn down the beds for their guests. Now THAT’S luxurious!

    Salty Goat Milk Fudge Cookie: Opposites attract in our Beekman 1802 Salty Goat Fudge Cookie. Sweet and salty. Soft and crunchy. Our all-natural goat milk’s fudge is set atop a hand-made saltine cracker covered with chocolate and topped with just a sprinkle of sea salt. Each of these delicious hand-made confections measures 1.5 inches square and is perfect for sharing. Set of 4 milk chocolate cookies




    (1) Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels (6 caramels per box)

    (1) Milk Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels (6 caramels per box)

    (1) Heirloom Pantry Chocolate Bark

    (1) Double Chocolate Butter Crunch Toffee

    (1) container of Chewy Gooey Caramels (22 caramels in a pack)

    (1) Salty Goat Milk Fudge Cookie (4 per box)



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