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"Everyday" Happy Place Bundle

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    Ready to turn your home into a Happy Place? Brent put on his doctor-scientist hat to combine our natural ingredients in a way that boosts their efficacy, creating natural biofectants. We are exposed to enough harmful chemicals every time we walk out the door, so don’t bring any into your home that you don’t have to. Because what you bring into your personal environment ultimately winds up inside your body in one way or another.

    Beekman 1802 Happy Place cleaning supplies use all-natural ingredients to clean your home as effectively as those containing harsh ingredients. We recommend testing a non-visible area of your fabric to check for color safety.

    Made in the USA, these innovative formulations have been independently tested against industry leaders for effectiveness, and passed with flying colors --- and that makes us Happy.

    This set includes Happy Place Multi-Surface Cleaner, Happy Place Glass Cleaner, and Happy Place Floor Cleaner.

    Brent hates too many different cleaning bottles jammed under the sink. And why would you need all those single-use chemical cleaners? Our Multi-Surface Cleaner powerfully and safely cleans ovens, stovetops, counter tops, walls, ceilings, diaper pails and everything in between while leaving a light, Sweet Grass scent. Works on dirt, grease, oil, crayon, magic marker, blood and mildew. Our Happy Place Glass Cleaner cleans glass to a sparkle, wipes away streak-free. We formulated our Happy Place Floor Cleaner to use natural plant-based ingredients that have been scientifically tested for efficacy against industry leading brands.



    (1) 20oz HP Multi-Surface Cleaner

    (1) 20oz HP Glass Cleaner

    (1) 20oz HP Floor Cleaner

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