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Family Style Pasta Bowl / Serving Bowl


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    Handmade Family Style Pasta Bowls

    We have a Mortgage Lifter Dinner Party at least once a month on the farm. But we were never happy when we set the table. Pasta slides all over regular dinner plates, and soup bowls are too small. So we created our own Pasta Dinner Set, with four oversize bowl/plates (10" diameter,) and one giant pasta serving bowl (15" diameter.) And of course they're handmade by a Beekman 1802 artisan near Sharon Springs, NY.  Mix and Match between Black, Gray and White & pair them with a Family Style Pasta Serving bowl. 

    Dishwasher safe


    Pasta Bowls: 10" wide x 2 1/4 tall
    Serving Bowls: 15" wide x 2 1/4 tall


    Usually ships within 1-2 days

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