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Farm Pantry Classic Fireside Chili Seasoning - Case of 6 packets


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    Save 15% by buying 6 packet case pack

    Set Includes: Classic Fireside Chili Seasoning - case of six 1.75oz packets.

    It's Chili Season! Here are the three favorite spice profiles we use in our kitchen. We're not gonna tell you which ones are Josh's or Brent's favorites. You're just gonna hafta choose your own.

    Classic Fireside Chili Seasoning - Chili weather ahead


    Classic Fireside Chili Seasoning-  1.75 oz - Salt, Corn Flour*, Spices *(Paprika, Black Pepper, Celery Seed, Cayenne Pepper, Coriander), Cane Sugar*, Dehydrated Onion*, Dehydrated Garlic*, Dehydrated Red Bell Pepper*, Sunflower Oil*, Rice Concentrate*, Natural Flavor


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