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18th Century Hand-Molded Britannia Fruit Spoon


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    As featured in House Beautiful & The New York Times

    Each exquisitely detailed Beekman 1802 Fruit Spoon is hand-poured and polished by our master blacksmith using an authentic 18th century spoon mold found in the back of an abandoned shop. The material is an alloy called "Brittania" which was popular at the time that the Beekman Mansion was built. Unlike utensils of today, the detailing on the back of the spoon is as intricate as the pattern on the front. There simply is no other similar spoon available anywhere else.

    Sold as a singular item for $20 a piece, or a set of four for $75.

    Dishwasher safe, though coloration will darken with use - moreso in dishwasher.

    To see a video on how each spoon is made, see below.

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