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Dear Henry Vase


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    "There's a Hole in My Bucket" is a German children's song that originate in the 1700s. The song is based on a dialogue about a leaky bucket between two characters, called Henry and Liza. Most certainly William Beekman's children would have sung it, and children still sing it today.

    The song is the inspiration for our Dear Liza/Dear Henry pottery collection, including this "Dear Henry Vase." Each Dear Henry Vase is hand-thrown and hand-carved by one of the members of our Beekman 1802 Rural Artist Collective, and is hand-glazed with our signature Beekman 1802 gun metal glaze giving the piece the look of iron. Cut flowers can be arranged to "spill out" of the small openings for a dramatic presentation, and a pillar candle can be placed inside to create drama in a table setting as beams of light shine from the holes.

    Approximately 8 inches high X 6 inches in maximum width. (Oval shaped opening.)

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