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Huckaback Handwoven Pillows


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    In the early 18th century each NY state home hand-wove nearly ten yards of cloth per family member. After the power loom reached America by the mid 1800s, that number had fallen to less than one yard. Our master weaver has accurately recreated one of the most popular weaving structures of the early nineteenth century, called "Huckaback." It is exactly the type of cloth that William Beekman himself would have most likely sold in his store.

    We've turned this cloth into two pillow designs featuring our most popular Huckaback patterns, "Fenimore" (named after local author James Fenimore Cooper,) and "William" (named after William Beekman himself.)

    These pillows are entirely handwoven of 100% natural cotton, and are heirloom quality.


    16" Square. (Includes insert)

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