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"He Sees You" Holiday Wreath


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    Handmade with real vintage ornaments - One-of-a-Kind

    Our parents always told us Santa was watching. And guess what - it turns out that it’s true. Uh oh. For proof, check out this one-of-a-kind wreath made from all vintage ornaments. See old Santa giving somebody the side eye? You’d better watch out ‘cause he sees you, sure enough.

    In this case, Santa is a marvelous candy container, made in Western Germany many years ago. He certainly is a focal point on this wreath but by no means the only visual standout. There is also that cool atomic age red unbreakable tree topper, made by Bradford, at the very top of the wreath. And then there’s that jumbo Poland harlequin glass ball; an old corsage with silver leaves and white bells; a large bottlebrush tree; and a host of Shiny Brites, German, Poland, and Made in the USA ornaments. 

    With a bright multicolored palette leaning heavily on the red side, this one takes us back to Christmases as a kid. The ornaments and decorations are set upon a bed of sparkly gold tinsel. Dotted around the perimeter are some snips of vintage curly red and white garland for extra oomph. It is finished off with swoops of red beaded garland at the bottom.


    Your heirloom wreath comes with its own zippered storage bag to protect it. Please hang it indoors, away from the harsh elements, to ensure that these beautiful ornaments which have been passed down through generations will grace your own family for many years to come. 


    Measures about 17” wide and 25” tall, including the topper that sticks up and the garland hanging off the bottom.


    This custom-made wreath typically ships out within 4-7 business days

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