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Honeycomb Pillows


  • Description

    • Geometric Designs Inspired by Nature

      The B. 1802 Rural Artist Collective uses traditional craftsmanship and production methods to create items with a modern sense of design. While all of the animals on Beekman 1802 Farm are important, the M.V.B(ee) of the land is the honey bee. Our bees not only provide our delicious honey products, but they also pollinate great pastures for the goats, vegetables, and fruits. We honor our hives with this hand-sewn, hand-felted honeycomb pillow, lovingly made by our master quilter. 

      Choose from Earthy Gold which the back has Herringbone pattern or Vintage Mocha which the back has a Houndstooth pattern on it. Hypo-allergenic filling. Luxurious sold blend of 50% silk and 50% Merino Wool. 
    • Approximately 16" wide x 12" tall
    • Ships out within 1-2 business days

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