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"Keys to Arcadia" Beauty Pail Gift Set


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    For our holiday gift sets this year, we commissioned designs from illustrator Jessica Roux. Her work focuses on the beautiful details of nature, and this gift set features her "Key to Arcadia" print. On the outside, you'll see images reminiscent of the holiday season and a printed goat key to open your tin. On the inside, you'll find a collection of our favorite winter products.

    Everything inside this tin will help you (or a loved one) get through the holidays with shiny, healthy hair, smooth, protected hands, and hydrated lips. All feature our goat milk soap and promise to keep you cared for all winter long. Includes full-sized versions of our Fig Leaf Hand Salve, Fig Leaf Shampoo Bar and three lip balms. 


    Tin Set Contains:

    (1) Fig Leaf Hand Salve

    (1) Fig Leaf Shampoo Bar

    (1) Fig Leaf Tinted Lip Balm

    (1) Oak Moss Lip Balm

    (1) Vanilla Absolute Lip Balm


    Ships out within 2-3 business days

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