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Matcha Tea Jelly


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    Made with real powdered Matcha Tea

    What's Matcha? Well, it's powdered green tea. And powdered green tea is even more concentrated than brewed green tea, so the health benefits are multiplied.

    We drink Matcha Tea before and after we travel, or when we're starting to feel a little under the weather. Several of our friends have ditched drinking coffee in favor of Matcha tea. (We haven't gone that far yet.) So we decided to make a jelly using real Matcha tea so that we and our friends can enjoy its benefits more often.

    Made by hand, in small batches, right here in Sharon Springs.


    Water, Sugar, Matcha Powder, Pectin, Butter ( Cream ) 


    9 oz jar 


    Ships out within 2-3 business days

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