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Nifty Fifties Holiday Wreath


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    Handmade with real vintage ornaments - One-of-a-Kind

    Christmas is all about the memories and we have got a trip down memory lane for you, neatly wrapped up in this unique wreath made from all vintage ornaments and decorations. With a color scheme in traditional Christmas colors, featuring lots of red, “Nifty Fifties” is full of all kinds of things we remember from childhood Christmases spent at Grandma’s house.

    Like those tacky (or so we thought) plastic corsages that she wore to church at Christmastide - remember those? Turns out a plastic corsage can make a big - and pretty cool - statement when it is placed on top of a wreath. This one is a lulu: huge in size, loaded with stuff (check out the little gold guitar!), and finished off with a big red bow. Wow. To its right, is a red hand-painted glass teardrop ornament and a wonderful old Japanese celluloid reindeer with a ruby eye. To the left of the corsage is a happy, hand-painted Santa face.

    Other items of interest are: a pin-art Fauxbergé ball with red and green rick-rack and sequins; a German gold glass acorn; a little Japanese paper house with a happy little Japanese Santa flanking it; a red Jewelbrite diorama ornament with a lyre inside; a flame tip light bulb; a fab red stenciled teardrop spelling out Merry Christmas; and a host of Shiny Brites, Polands, and other treats. There’s even a vintage snowball lightbulb. A deep red tree topper slashes its way across the center and the whole is draped in festive red beaded garland for a fancy finish. There are also bits of old foil garland stuck in here and there around the outside for a little extra gleam. The whole is set upon a bed of gold tinsel for extra sizzle. 

    Your heirloom wreath comes with its own zippered storage bag to protect it. Please hang it indoors, away from the harsh elements, to ensure that these beautiful ornaments which have been passed down through generations will grace your own family for many years to come. 


    Approximately 16” wide and 22” tall


    This custom-made wreath typically ships out within 4-7 business days

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