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Nanook Sheepskin Hat


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    Organic Wool, local sheep

    Custom made to order expect 1-2 weeks for delivery. Every Nanook Hat is individually made to custom fit your head size. Please indicate your head size in the space provided so our maker can create a perfect fit! 

    Pom-Pom Polar Vortex Fabulous. This hat is what happens when haute couture meets Sharon Springs weather. It's a statement lid - luxuriously warm, featuring local sheepskin from a certified organic farm. This super-tall hat is lined with cotton fabric of black and grey tones, and the two pom poms are made with the same luxurious sheepskin and attached with a leather cord. 

    And for you really authentic folks out there, the sheepskin is from Central New York hardy sheep, cross-bred from Tunis, Icelandic, Friesian and the French Lacaune lines. They live on a 239-acre organic, biodynamic farm. Their pelts are unique among sheepskin, and this is a result of amazing farming practices. 


    Please measure the circumference your head at forehead level.


    Custom made to order expect 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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