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Snow Forest Collection

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    You know that smell of crisp, light snow falling on fir trees? That feeling when you step outside during that first snowfall of the year, to the quiet world, covered in a blanket of fresh powder? We decided that we needed to bottle that experience out, and roll it out every season. When the snow melts away, so too will it.

    Scent is our most powerful stimulator of memory. And our goal over the years is to make thousands, perhaps millions of them. One snowflake at a time.

    Beekman 1802's Snow Forest will whisk you away into the wooded wonderland that lies just beyond our farm's fences. Those woods just seem a bit more magical this time of year, with icicles twinkling and the crisp, clean smell of freshly fallen snow as it crunches under your boots. The air is sweet with pine and fir as little woodland creatures still scamper about, chatting merrily despite the chill. The deeper you walk into the woods, the more you seem to understand what the animals say to each other ... Out of the corner of your eye you spot a squirrel toting a mug of warm hot chocolate, and then a rabbit hanging a wreath made of newly-cut forest leaves and red berries on the tree beside its rabbit hole. When a deer wearing a green plaid scarf invites you to join them for afternoon tea, you wonder for a moment if you're dreaming, if you've fallen asleep in front of the fire back home. You accept the offer all the same though (your mother didn't raise you to be rude to magical woodland animals) and wonder for a moment what passes for tea here, only to be pleasantly surprised by the spruce and cedar steam that wafts from your cup. The tea works like a potion, warmth spreading quickly through your bones as you close your eyes, savoring the scent of the forest. What a curious day...

    When your eyes open again, you are no longer surrounded by tall Beekman pines and scarf-wearing deer. Your sleepy sigh reverberates off the tiled bathroom walls and steam rises from the bath. Beside you rests an empty soap wrapper.

    Items in Set

    (1) 17 oz bottle of winter in bubble form (1) 9oz bar soap (1) 8oz jar




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