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The Caramel Collection

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    Life in the country can be pretty sweet. Our Caramel Collection contains a few of our bestselling Beekman 1802 caramel treats, made by hand with our own unique farm flavors. This is the perfect holiday gift for your sweet-ie. 


    Heirloom Pantry Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa: Winter nights are long on the farm. The bright side, though, is that we measure them in mugs of cocoa. When we decided to create our own hot cocoa mix, we hunted for the richest, most potent, darkest cocoa powder we could find. Then we doubled the amount. Then we used only natural flavors to create a few extra interesting varieties.

    Beekman 1802 15 oz ceramic mug: Made of thick white ceramic, rimmed and spotted with cobalt grey, our mugs are dishwasher/microwave safe and perfect for anything you want to pour into them. Each mug holds a very generous 15 ounces, and keeps beverages hot until you're finished.

    Cajeta: Most people are familiar with Dulce de Leche - a caramel sauce made from cow milk. When caramel is made from goat milk, it's called Cajeta. Most caramel sauces you'll find at your local store are primarily composed of high fructose corn syrup. But we make our cajeta the traditional way - with nothing but pure goat milk, real sugar and vanilla beans simmered for hours to develop a rich, deep, caramel flavor and color.

    Chewy Gooey Caramels: One a day will keep the sweet tooth away! The goat milk in our caramels adds a unique creaminess to these chewy gooey treats. They’re so good that one of the most famous historic hotels in America, The Lenox in Boston, places one of our caramels on each pillow at night when they turn down the beds for their guests. Now THAT’S luxurious!




    (1) 14.1 oz Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa

    (1) 9 oz jar of Cajeta Caramel Sauce

    (1) container of Chewy Gooey Caramels (22 caramels in a pack)

    (1) Beekman 1802 15 oz enamelware ceramic mug



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